Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Why Am I Here?", I asked.

"What is my purpose? Shouldn't I be more focused, more directed? Shouldn't I be doing something? Shouldn't I be on top of things, my life, what I want? Everybody seems to be doing it right but me. Please help."

And this is what I heard ...

You are here to love yourself. No one else can do it for you. Steve can love you, tell you you're wonderful, you're talented, you're terrific, but you will not believe it until you know it for yourself. This is your job.

It's your only job ... for now.

Love yourself. Come to terms with who you are.

Give yourself the love, attention, and approval you desire. You can do it when no one else can.

I am here for you always. My love for you is so immense, so vast ..... you cannot conceive it.

Do nothing.
Prove nothing.
Be still.

You are worthy. You are lovable .... just as you are.

But shouldn't I be helping others, focusing on my purpose?

It is not your job to save the world. It is not your job to save others.

I come to show you the way, a better way. I come to show you what's true. I come to be an example of light and love.

I do not come to condemn or correct nor do I come to chastise or admonish.

I come to remind you that you are love, that the kingdom of heaven is within you, that all that you seek ... you are.

But aren't we here to serve others?

You cannot serve others if you don't know who you are. There is just projection and your own agenda.

Stand in the truth of who you are and there will be very little to say and very little to do.

Your doingness is ego-driven. It's all about making things happen, controlling life, controlling what happens to you.

You are tired and it is good.

Rest yourself. Seek peace. Seek quiet. Seek comfort in your own beingness.

Beingness knows the way. Beingness is the way. Within Beingness is everything you need and all that you are searching for.

There is nowhere else to go, nowhere else to get to, nowhere else to look.

Relax ... And be.

- you are done.

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