Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Wish

My wish for you on this Mother's Day, is that you take time to give yourself, a mother's love. And, that you give yourself the gentle, comforting, allowing, nurturing, unconditional acceptance that only a mother can.

Perhaps your own mother fell short in this regard. Her love for you was imperfect, as was her love for herself, and from her own mother. But there is love all around us - a nurturing that is always available as we surrender ourselves to the precious, present moment. The bird outside my window sings a lullaby just for me.The gentle rain seems to soothe me and wash away my tears. With the steady conscious rhythm of my breathing, I can rock myself to sleep.

It would have been nice if she had loved you perfectly and had been all the things you needed her to be. Perhaps if you have children of your own, you have found healing in loving them the way you always wanted to be loved. Perhaps you think, at times, that you have fallen short as well. But therein lies the grace and the opportunity; to open and surrender to the love that's within you, all around you, and to the love that's who you are

When you do this for yourself, you do it for us all.

Happy Mother Yourself Day,


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  1. Lovely. Thank you, Shelly. As I read this, I felt like I was being hugged.

  2. I'm so pleased. That was my intention.


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