About Me

I love to help people, but I really really love to help people, help themselves.

I am not an expert on your life. I'm barely an expert on my own.

But, what I do know is this,
  • suppressed emotions
  • repressed memories, and
  • unconscious beliefs
live inside the cells of your body, as energy. And, they're running your life when you're not lookin'.

I teach people how to access this hidden energy and how to convert it. I teach people how to do this for themselves.

Energy comes in two forms - the "love" kind and the "non-love" kind. You know the difference. One feels good, the other feels bad.

The tricky part is that you've probably become so accustomed to suppressing, fighting, resisting, pushing down on, or trying to figure out your negative feelings that you don't even know that you're doing it. Meanwhile, the love feelings are just sitting there waiting for you to stop fighting long enough to notice them.

Trying to get rid of your negative feelings is totally understandable. Deep down you know you're meant to feel good and to feel and live as love. It's just that you can't get there while you're at war with yourself and your negative feelings.

I want to help you feel good and feel love - all the time.

I think of myself as an "emotions coach" - a life coach who specializes in emotions.

To me, this kind of coaching makes sense. If you hire a life coach, it's because you've been unable to make some desired change on your own. It's not because you're lazy, stupid, crazy, or undisciplined. It's because you've got conflicting feelings - plain and simple.

When you learn how to release conflicting feelings, clarity comes softly, and inspired action flows with ease, not effort.

It's my intention, with this on-line journal, to help you know that,
  • you're not alone,
  • your feelings are just feelings,
  • you really do know how to release them, and 
  • underneath all feelings lies the deep well of love that's who you really are.
Join me in creating a community of finders - recovering seekers - those of you who have come to know that what you are seeking has been inside of you all along.

Please let me know how I can support you or help you on this journey.

Love, love, love,