Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beyond the Question of Being or Doing

When you are doing from your being there is no effort. There is no trying. Being is who you are. Being is not just something that you do when you take time out to meditate or quiet yourself. Carving out a spot in your day so you can check it off your list, is still doing even if what you say you're doing is being. You see? It has within it an energy of ego-decision. "Oh, I'm going to meditate now and be."

When I hear friends say, "Thank you for reminding me to have balance, to take time for being instead of so much doing," I realize they are still missing the point. They are still seeing the issue from a westernized duality - doing or being, as if it's one or the other.

Being doesn't negate doing. Nor does doing negate being. In observing the animals and in feeling into those around me, wild and domestic, it's easy to feel their "no conflict" with this issue. The birds are busy, flying here and there, to and from the feeders. The horses eat grass, walk to their water, and play games with each other. All the while they are expressing from the ALL, that which they are and that which they've never lost their connection to.

Their teaching is this:

You are what you are. In expressing and being fully in what you are, you have unlimited internal resources. You draw your wisdom and your energy from the All. You feel yourself as an expression of the All. You are the All. And everything that is, you are also. The more you rest in this, this truth, this way, this knowing, the lighter you feel, because the All carries the energy for you. It does the work. It moves the mountains. You don't have to.

So as best you can, allow your doing to flow from the Source of power that is you. Consider adopting the animal-way and let your doing flow without effort, without trying, from the deep well of that which you are - infinite power, infinite love, and infinite well-being.
Being love with you,

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