Sunday, April 8, 2012

An Easter Affirmation

Deep at the center of my being, there is an infinite source of love. I now allow this love to rise to the surface. It fills me, it heals me, it makes me whole. It penetrates the cells and tissues of my body, bringing goodness and light to every cell, every tissue, every energy, every chemical.

I allow this love to rise up in me. I don't have to fix anything, change anything, or figure anything out, because this love, my love, knows what to do, I simply let go, let down, and allow the love energy that is always here, always present, to fill up the space I've created.

I allow myself to let go and let it fill me some more, and some more, and more, and more. For I know there is no limit to how much love I can hold and no limit to the power of love to transform all energy that is not love. I surrender to this love. I surrender my clenching, my fears and worries, my grip on other people and future events, and mostly I surrender my judgement of myself, my relentless criticisms, and my denial of the love that I am. I forgive myself, for I know not what I do. I surrender my resistance to knowing, feeling, and breathing the love that was born in me, that is me. When I cannot trust anything else, I know that I can trust this love. For it is pure, and true, and always always takes me where I want to go.

On this Easter day, please join me in surrendering to the all-knowing, all-providing, organizing principle of the Universe. Join me in allowing the love that we are, the Christ in all of us, to rise up and fill us with light, love, peace, and well-being.

He is risen indeed.


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  1. VALERIE LYNN MARTINApril 8, 2012 at 6:47 PM

    SHELLY THIS WOULD MAKE A BEAUTIFUL MEDITATION AND FOR SOME THAT ARE OF DIFFERENT RELIGIONS POSSIBLE MAKE GENERIC AS IN "UNIVERSAL FORCE" the all that is or whatever resonates with you, only as a suggestion, but love is the common denominator for the whole, the all that is and the key to higher consciousness....keep up your writing, I love it, Valerie Lynn

  2. Thank you friend. And you are right, love is love.

  3. beautiful words shell, If we could just keep distructive things actions and words from stories in our lives from causing us to not love ourselves we could be whole trough all things that come our way and be the loving creatures I believe we were meant to be

  4. Yes, you are right anonymous. It's challenging to plow through all that destructive garbage. If only we had been loved perfectly, then we could love ourselves perfectly. But alas, most of us never experienced that. Perhaps our hope and our power lies in learning to bring love to the crappy stuff as well. And if loving it is too much of a stretch, perhaps we can start with just letting it be and forgiving ourselves for having baggage and being human. Thanks so much for your spledid contribution

  5. I love this! When we say "He is risen indeed", we refer to something within us all - the Christ-center. And the core of that "something" is love. What beautiful words, Shelly.

  6. Oops, that's "splendid" contribution.

    1. Valerie Lynn MartinApril 9, 2012 at 6:02 AM

      woke up at 3am with you and your Easter gift on my mind. It is perfect, the energy of it flows abundantly from it and Intention always sets the tone as you have done so beautifully and it flows into your heart like a salve while expanding and embracing, so my "generic" THOUGHT is un necessary as you have it perfect the way it is as a Easter gift. You have been a real gift on this trip...Dad has advanced Alzheimer's and I have been commuting a lot during the last 3 years and finally are able to get them here with all the rest of the family and believe me love, compassion, understanding, patience are my mantras everyday as I assist with the progression of this disease, so you never know when the Universe will bring that added person or thought just when you need it and to wake up at 3 am reflecting tells me how powerful and perfect your message is...thank you for the soothing balm of your thoughts and words.

    2. I am so delighted that my words have had this effect on you during this challenging time. Your words and situation touch me as well. As the big sister I imagine you've been holding alot for your family. As women, regardless of our particular situations, we are asked to hold life in our bodies in a way that's different from men. I can feel what I'm saying better than I can express it. Perhaps one of you can express it better. In any case, your sharing and expression, as do all of the comments, feed us and connect us as women. Thank you.

  7. You have a knack for speaking the truth, Shelly.


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