Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My New Year's Wish For You

On this New Year's Day, may your every wish come true. May you be blessed with financial prosperity, radiant health, and loving relationships. May peace be your constant companion and may love be the guiding force of your life.

May you be filled with a knowing that no matter what happens, you are eternal, you are love, and that which is love never dies. May you know in your bones that every kindness, every act of compassion toward yourself, a feeling, or another, grounds you more deeply in who you are and reconnects you with the Source of infinite possibilities.

You are that which you seek. You already are that which you can imagine.

Dream big. You are the stuff from which whole worlds are born, from which light comes, from which radical transformation takes place in the blink of an eye.

Make your list. Check it twice. And make sure you're asking for enough for yourself.

Like my good friend's beloved grandmother once told her, "The very very best that you can imagine, is barely good enough for you," I am here to remind you that you deserve all that you wish for - and more.

So love yourself. Love your dreams. And know that I am here with you, cheering for you. But not just for the granting of your wishes, but for the inherent beauty of your wishing. For within your wishing, your asking, is a declaration of your own love and an acknowledgement of yourself as deserving creator.

And when you own your own particular dreams, those that are unique to you, you give the rest of us permission to do the same and you add a vital and precious piece to our collective dreaming.

So dream big. Don't be shy. And know that when you dream, you dream for us all.


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