Friday, June 22, 2012

Heart Murmurings

Did you know that the heart is the only organ in the body that doesn't get cancer? I like to think that it's because cancer can't thrive in the seat of true love. For the love of the heart is pure. It transcends ego, personality, and even death. Of course, people have heart disease, heart murmurs, heart attacks, and other such problems. I have been concerned about my own heart over the last few years, but a trip to Urgent Care confirmed what I'd already suspected. There's nothing physiologically wrong with my heart. 

So I've started listening, in earnest, to what my aching heart has to say. It speaks not in the language of the intellect, but in the language of the poet.

In future posts, I'd like to share my humble attempts to express with words, the truth of my heart. I hope these words inspire you to take a little time each day to feel into, acknowledge, and listen to your own heart's murmurings. 

Mine says . . .

                   If you take a moment to listen,
                   I'll always tell you what's true,
                   I'll say, I am love. You need me.
                  Then you'll say,

                  "You need me too."

From my heart to yours,

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